Wood Fire Sauna

Bringing The Heat To You


Check out our calendar for open availability, find the dates that work for you and BOOK.


We’ll confirm payment and your reservation and email with the final CONFIRMATION.


We’ll drop off the sauna to you, explain how to properly set it up, arrange a pick up time and let you ENJOY.

Rental Includes:

  • Cheerful Free Delivery and Pick Up within a 15-mile radius from Long Lake, MN
  • Bundle of Wood (additional bundles are available)
  • Water Bucket and Ladle
  • Gear West $20 Certificate for a week sauna rental


For centuries saunas have been used for relaxation, conversation and health. Saunas are small rooms that are heated to between 150-195 F via wood-fire, electricity or Infrared.  Lately the practice of “saunaing” is both a super fun way to relax with friends AND is a positive activity towards reducing stress and improving health.

Who We Are

Wood Fire Sauna Rental is owned by Gear West and me, Jan Guenther.

Outdoor sports, especially skiing, sparked my interest in saunas. This Finnish activity offers relaxation, restoration, and conversation in a unique body-mind kind of way.  In fact, I cross-country skied across Finland and the MOST fun was experiencing the variety of saunas our lodging offered after our daily long skis. I fell in love with the tradition.

Initially, my thought was to add a small sauna to our little log cabin in Cable WI. Practically, however, I am often in a hurry while at the cabin and do not have a lot of sauna time (until I retire!). What I really needed was a mobile sauna to enjoy both my home and work life. After talking with Voyageur Saunas, the idea morphed into a business whereby I can still enjoy a sauna with my friends, share the experience with the Gearwest staff, AND introduce the fun of “saunaing” via rental into the western suburbs.

Bring The Heat